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TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Golf Wedge

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Both the original TaylorMade Hi-Toe and its successor, the Hi-Toe Raw, were incredibly popular as more and more golfers tuned in to the benefits of full face grooves. The taller toe end of the clubhead also helped to increase confidence on those trickier shots around the greens that golfers are faced with on a daily basis. TaylorMade have now release the latest version of this stellar wedge and it would appear that they have, once again, hit a home run.

The TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe 3 Golf Wedges have been constructed from a soft 8620 carbon steel, which ensures a level of precision is achieved where it is needed most. TaylorMade's milling process serves to maximise consistency, with each sole crafted for predictable and repeatable turf interaction. As with previous models, the Toe section of these wedges is taller than on a standard wedge and allows for improved launch results and higher spin levels. Full length scoring lines can be found on the 56°, 58° & 60° wedges further enhancing spin and allowing for greater control and versatility when the clubface is rotated open on finesse shots.

The Centre of Gravity has been moved closer to the face through the use of weight pad, strategically placed in the toe area which also helps produce the premium feel that Hi-Toe wedges have become renowned for. Extra texture has been added to the clubface through the use of milled ribs positioned between the full grooves which serves to increase spin and overall performance on the shorter, more delicate shots around the green. ZTP RAW grooves ensure than control is maintained on shots when the lie is less than perfect, allowing you to remain aggressive when playing from the rough. Multiple sole options are available to allow golfers to choose the most suitable for the turf conditions they normally play, and for the style of swing they employ.