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Taylormade TP5 - 2024 12 Pack

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Taylormade TP5 - 2024 12 Pack

Already renowned as the Most Complete Tour Ball the latest evolution of the TP5/TP5x family takes a giant leap forward with an all-new Speed Wrapped Core that impacts sound, feel and
overall performance, creating TaylorMade’s fastest (TP5x) and softest feeling (TP5) tour balls to date.

Continuing a trend of innovation and engineering, the 2024 TP5/TP5x relies on a combination of new technologies to provide the biggest jumps in performance to date. The most impactful change is the first-of-its-kind Speed Wrapped Core, which produces a softer sound with better feel while paving the way for a faster overall construction. In the 2024 TP5/TP5x, the use of core materials as the central element of decoupling feel and distance represents a game-breaking innovation in golf ball design.

NEW SPEED WRAPPED CORE  – A new softer sound while promoting faster design

NEW 5 LAYER PROGRESSIVE CONSTRUCTION – Our largest speed gradient optimises spin separation between driver/long iron (low spin) and wedges (high spin)

NEW WHITE ON WHITE AND YELLOW ON YELLOW COVER DESIGN – New coloured urethanes designed to match paint colours for enhanced durability perception