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PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate

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PuttOUT are fast becoming the go-to brand for golfer looking for the best training aids to improve their putting and now offer complete solutions for at home putting practice. The PuttOUT Putting Mirror & Alignment Gate is another superb addition to the PuttOUT range and when used regularly can seriously improve your putting performance.

Putting mirrors are not a new concept but PuttOUT have clearly put a lot of thought into this design. Tiny spikes on the underside of the mirror prevent any unwanted movement from a lack of friction with the surface underneath and it has been constructed in such a way as to avoid any warping which has blighted many of the mirrors of the past.

The inclusion of a putting gate is a massive bonus as putting gates have been proven to be one of the best practice drills you can do when working on your putting. A putting gate focuses the mind on starting the ball on the right line, something that is far more challenging than it sounds. If you can’t start the ball on the line that you choose then the likelihood is that your putt will miss. The gate has an easily adjustable width, allowing you to make it more difficult as you become more proficient.

  • Anti-warping construction
  • Easily transported in handy carrying bag
  • Adjustable putting gate included
  • One of the best tools for improving your putting