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Ping G430 SFT Golf Driver

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Ping G430 SFT Golf Driver 
Straighter Shots With Adjustable Draw Bias

Introducing the Ping G430 SFT Driver, SFT version is engineered with draw bias to help bring shots back on-line and into the fairway. Unlocking more speed and distance through engineering innovations without sacrificing its industry-leading forgiveness, Ping has introduced the G430 family for golfers of all skill levels.

In the new drivers, Ping's engineering team developed several new technologies common to all three models while applying specific advancements to each individual head. New to the SFT head is a two-setting, moveable tungsten backweight that positions CG to deliver right-to-left shot bend in the draw setting. Available in 10.5° loft (adjustable ±1.5° and up to 3° flat from standard.

Ping have produced measurable ball-speed gains while improving sound throughout the series. A new internal rib structure and increased curvature of the crown, skirt and sole fine tunes clubhead frequencies to produce a desirable sound and impact experience. The added ball speed is attributed to a shallower and thinner VFT forged face design engineered with Spinsistency, VFT face is thinner to create more face deflection for generating faster ball speed for Pings biggest distance gains to date.