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Footjoy Wax Shoe Polish - BLACK

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Footjoy has designed their Wax Shoe Polish features to revive leather that's lost it's lustre and provide a bright and clean quality shine. Provides A Clean & Consistent Shine Scuff Protection Brings Lustre Back To Shoe Colour Presented In A Traditional Tin Uses For Your Footjoy Wax Shoe Polish The beauty of this shoe wax is that apart from shining your shoes till they look as good as new, it can also help to hide certain cracks in the shoes so that you can still wear those favorite shoes of yours that are in the best of conditions anymore, but which you refuse to part with. Because of its viscosity, the shoe wax can also be used as a makeshift lubricant for minor machinery operations. So if you ever get stuck trying to take out the bolts and nuts of your tire, try giving it a quote of Footjoy wax and see the magic unfold.