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Taylormade TP5 White Golf Balls 12Pk

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Taylormade TP5 White Golf Balls 12Pk

Taylormade's new 2021 TP5 Golf Balls deliver unrivalled aerodynamic performance with a new larger and more reactive core for increased ball speeds, increased short game spin and outstanding consistency.

TP5 21 utilises a new tour flight dimple pattern. This innovative new feature sees a mixture of shallow and steeper dimples, the shallower of the two reduce drag during ascent for more penetrating launch conditions, while the steeper maintains lift during descent for much more control and precision with your approach clubs.

At the centre, TP5 21 now has a larger, more reactive core. By increasing the core size, Taylormade engineers have significantly boosted the energy at impact for much-improved ball speeds compared to previous models.

As ever, TP5 21 has a distinctly premium soft feel at impact. Its improved urethane dual-spin cover creates increased groove interaction for enhanced short game spin, making TP5 the spinning-most ball in the Taylormade ball range.