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TaylorMade Spider GT Single Bend Silver Golf Putter Right Hand

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The lightweight 145g top plate made of 6061 aluminium, which eliminates unnecessary weight in the middle of the putter and has a narrow sightline for alignment, is the Spider GT's most distinctive feature. The first-of-its-kind open frame multi-material design has two 90g steel side weights that push 82% of the putter's total weight to the perimeter when combined with the ultralight top plate. On off-centre blows, this generates exceptional stability.

In comparison to paint or PVD finishes, the Spider GT top plate is made of lightweight aluminium for a premium aesthetic and greater durability.

The Pure Roll2 co-moulded insert in the Spider GT's modern design enhances forward roll and ball-speed consistency across the face. Pure Roll2 is a firmer insert made of black TPU urethane with silver aluminium beams angled at a 45° angle to increase topspin over the face.

The short slant design combines with Spider GT’s extreme perimeter weighting to generate 21° of toe hang for a more vertical angle, delivering a putter that best fits players with moderate face rotation in the putting stroke. The CG has been moved closer to the face for an improved face rotation