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Srixon Q Star Tour 12Pk - White

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Srixon Q Star Tour 
Tour Level Performance With Ultra Soft Feel

The new Srixon Q-Star Tour is the softest ball delivering tour-level performance. The Q-Star Tour is calibrated to fit moderate swing speed players that seek the distance and spin of a tour-calibre ball.

The FastLayer core, with its graduated transition from soft inner core to firm outer edge, behaves like a core with thousands of layers, providing distance and softer feel without compromise.

The ultra-thin premium urethane cover is coated in Slide Ring Material (SeRM). Srixon's Spin Skin with SeRM coating increases friction on every strike, which means more spin and more control when attacking even the toughest of pins.

A new, longer side stamp helps align those crucial putts. Providing a penetrating ball flight in all conditions, the optimal dimple design increases lift and deduces drag to maximize distance.