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Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS Hybrid 3/18 Tensei Blue 65 Regular Right Hand

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Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS Hybrid 3/18 

Right Hand

Tensei Blue 65 Regular

Golf hybrid designs continue to be refined each season with new materials and technologies making them easier to use than ever before and they are now a must have in the golf bags of both amateur and professional golfers. The versatility they offer is unlike any other golf club with hybrids providing great options on tight tee shots, long approach shots and for achieving meaningful distance from iffy lies in the rough. They are now also used extensively around the greens when not much elevation is required on a chip shot.

Callaway Golf has a rich history of producing excellent hybrid clubs that offer attractive profiles and industry leading performance. Furthermore, Callaway are one of the only major manufacturers to offer their hybrids in several different head designs, allowing golfers to choose the ideal style for their ability and preferences. The new Callaway Rogue ST range consists of four new designs, with every style of golfer covered by their differing features and benefits.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Hybrid is the most forgiving head in the new family of hybrids, and it is aimed more at golfers with mid to high handicaps. The design of the Rogue ST Max OS hybrid takes forgiveness to previously unseen levels and shot that are struck a long way off centre will still provide a decent result. Internal weighting has been placed more towards the heel of the OS hybrid, giving it the maximum amount of draw bias and making it the ideal choice for the golfer that puts too much slice spin on the ball. The Rogue ST Max OS Hybrid retains an iron-like head shape, with a toe that is higher than the heel. This, combined with its significantly oversized footprint, makes it an extremely confidence-inspiring club when placed behind the ball at address. As with most hybrids, the Max OS is supremely easy to get airborne and produces a high launch with mid spin levels.